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vivek apte
[work methodology ]

Structural Design- in every thought and breath.

The studio of VA Consulting Structural Engineers combines the best modern thinking with the importance of traditional wisdom.
We work on giving a complete solution to the architect’s vision of a building, by working closely with the design team and also the site incharge. This results in a structural design that has optimum use of materials, minimum wastage, and it is efficient, user friendly and extremely suited to carry the architect’s and the end user’s aspirations to the fullest

[ Structural Design is Music & Lyrics in Harmony. ]

Client List


Architects love our smooth and efficient design because they can create fabulous structures without worry. No curve is unachievable, no unconventional shape impossible. With dedicated thought process and ideation, we can give you a solution


Builders love us because of our optimization of cement and steel. Our work method involves smart systems aligned with speed and the builder's timelines. We are also teamplayers and can handle sites of a few thousand sft to acres

Project Management Consultants

PMCs across the board have acknowledged the finesse and sophisticated designs of VACSE. We are open to exciting projects across the globe

Some important assignments completed By VACSE

Gulf Oil Company, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
1 Fleetguard Filters, Urli Kanchan, Pune and Hosur, Tamilnad
Filtrum Polymers , Hinjewadi, Pune
Hodek Vibations. Dharwad, Karnataka
Abok Springs, Jaipur, Rajasthan
General Indiustrial Controls,Bhosar and Chakan, Pune MIDC
Planet Engineers, Chakan, Pune MIDC
Superfine Aluminum, Supa and Bhalwani MIDC
Paras Agro, Nagar and Bhalvani MIDC
Kankariya Automobiles, Nagar MIDC
Larsen & Toubro, Nagar MIDC
Sahyadri Heights, Nashik
Panchavati Hotels, Sinnar and Nagar
Dream Homes, Nagar (250 flats)
Badi Sajan Hall, Nagar
Meher Pilgrim Retreat, Nagar
Sai Midas (5 lakh sq ft under construction)
Kohinoor Mall (3lakh sq ft under construction)

Some of our clients

Gokhale Constructions,
Signet Realties,
Bhansali Associate
Radhika Constructions,
Ranjekar Realty,
Mandale Constructions,
Ultra Engineer’s Chakan,
GIC PuneFleetguard Filters,
Filtrum Polymers,
Paras Industries(Jaipur),
Gulf Oli(Saudi Jeddah),
Span Builder’s(Nashik),
Panchavati Hotel’s(Nashik),
AP INCORP,Marc Constructions,
Stella Mary School(Pune),
Karnatak High School Pune,
Sanskriti School pune,
Symbosis Auditorium pune,
Ladkat Fuel pune,
Lohia Jain pune,
Sports Complex Sangamner,
Kohinoor Mall,
Abok Spring’s(Jaipur),
Dwarkadas Shyamkumar,
Maruti Suzuki(Kankriya Motors),
Mahindra Motor’s Ahmednagar,
Honda Two Wheeler’s Ahmednagar,
Sai Midas Ahmednagar,
Classic Constructions,
Alsan India Developers,
Paras Group Of Industries Ahmednagar,
Rushas Ahmednagar,
Sona Mina Indutries Ahmednagar,
Navkar Cold Storage Ahmednagar,
Bothara Cold Storage Ahmednagar,
Vision Group,Nagebaba,
Mac Care Hospital,
Kalanai Hospital,
Surabhi Hospital,
Deshpande Hospital,
Palve Hospital,
Gunjal Hospital,
Ingale Hospital,
SP School Jamkhed,
Lord Mahavir School,
Meher Pilgrim Retret,
Pandit Hospit
Agarwal Hospital,
Hotel Iris Premier,
Hotel Sai Inn,
Business Hotel At Yavatmal,
Hotel Jk Executive,
Hotel Sanket,
Atithi Bhavan,
Food & Technology College, Aurangabad,
Raisoni Engineering College Chhas,
Bikson Boilers,
Indian Seamless Pipes Ahmednagar,
L & T Ahmednagar,
Estelle Chemical’s Ahmednagar,
Cg Ahmednagar,
Sumeru Industries Ahmednagar,
Dhoot Industries Ahmednagar,
Galco Industries Ahmednagar,
Sleep Ezee Ahmednagar,
Neatwind Industries Ahmednagar,
Satish Paga Builder’s Ahmadnagar,
Anu Renu Infra,
Anuron Infra,
Aura Towers,
Sarda Group Ahmednagar,
Suzuki Motor’s Ahmednagar,
Gupta Industries Supa,
Superfine Group Supa,
Sancheti Construction’s Ahmednagar,
Adiraj Properties Ahmednagar,
Mahavir Dream City Ahmednagar,
Avtar Meher Baba Trust Ahmadnagar,
Ksb LAhmednag
Sachdev Industries Ahmednagar,
Chaged Industries Sanaswadi pune,
Rise Life Spaces Ahmednagar,
Newaskar Group Ahmednagar,
87Classic Wheel’s Ahmednagar,
Pharmacy College Ahmednagar,
Samrat Deshmukh School, Ahmednagar,
Ikon School Ahmednag
Ramkrishna School Ahmednagar,
Pokle Hospital Beed,
Dr Infra Ahmednagar,
Sonar Hospital Ahmednag
Suraj Motor’s Ahmednagar,
Firodiya Group Ahmednagar,
Badi Sajan Trust Ahmadnagar,
Bothra Agro Ahmednagar,
Stable Furniture Ahmednagar,
Hotel Premdan Ahmednagar

& Many More

[ Our Inspirations ]

Engineers Who Were Also Innovators.

Mr. Kamal Hadker - (Engineer of India's growth story)
Mr. Fazlur Rahman Khan - (Pioneer of skyscrapers)
Mr. Peter Rice - (Strong advocate of architect-engineer relations)

Architects Who Created New Thought Processes

Mr. Charles Correa - (Visionary architect of a new emerging India)
Mr. Ted Judson - (Architect, saintly, proponent of sustainability)
Mr. Raja Aederi - (Created icons showcasing India's corporate identity)

Our Accolades And Achievements

  • Excellence Award For Best RCC Designer 2004 By Modern Construction’s
  • AESA Award For Commercial Building in 2012
  • Aesa Award For Residential Project Above 300 Sq Meter’s in 2012
  • Aesa Award For Residential Single Dwelling Project-Neelayam Bungalow in 2012
  • Aesa Award For Commercial Project-Hotel Iris Premier in 2012
  • Aesa Award For Social Building. Project-ICAI Bhavan in 2012
  • Aesa Award For Industrial Project-M/S Jitamitra Electro Engineers in 2012
  • Aesa Award For Group Housing. Project-Ketan Classic. Year-2014
  • Aesa Award For Bathiiya Bungalow. Year-2014
  • Aesa Award For Institutional Project-Bhakt Niwas in 2014
  • Aesa Award For Single Dwelling Bungalow. For Project-Mr.Shaha in 2016
  • Jury’s Appreciation Award For Project-Pradip Dhuppad Bungalow in 2016
  • Aesa Award For Mass Housing Above 1000 Sq M. Project Fantasy Towers in 2016
  • Pune Aesa Award For The Courtyard House in 2015
  • Aesa Award For Residential Single Dwelling. Project-Attals Bungalow in 2018
  • Aesa Award For Industrial Project-Bothara Agro in 2018
  • Aesa Award For Social. Project Name-Dr.Agarwal Hospital
  • Aesa Award For Res. Bungalow Above 300 Sq m. Project-Dr.Shelake Residence in 2018
  • Aesa Award For Residential Mass Housing For Project-Am Serenia in 2018
  • Aesa Life Time Achievement Award
  • Aesa Award For Res. Bungalow Above 200 Sq M. Project-Linear House in 2022