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[ Every inch matters; every moment is precious ]

VA Consulting Structural Engineers is a legacy firm helmed by Er. Vivek Apte, who has been diligently working in this field and leading by example for four decades. His reputation as a ‘structural engineer with a deep appreciation of architecture and its sensitive side’ has endeared him to engineers and design professionals alike.

His penchant for discipline, perfection, correct design methodology and light, efficient structures is the reason why VA Consulting Structural Engineers is today a highly sought-after firm in the designing of structures for a wide variety of buildings. With a pan Indian reach and portfolio and projects overseas, VACSE is recognized for being ‘The Structural Consultants with a Creative Touch.

Vivek Apte

The Philosophy

[Every building deserves a beautiful structural design ]

Music & Lyrics: Structures are designed by architects to enthral the world and they come into reality when combined with the harmony brought in through innovative structural design consultants who care deeply for this desired dream; both have a vision here. Buildings are also deeply valued by the people who form its occupants, visitors and well-wishers.

Our structural designs are specially curated and formulated to work closely in sync with the designer. No line is too challenging, no curve is impossible. With concerted application of ideas, processes and originality, we bring a touch of innovation to the tech-heavy structural design sector.

vivek apte



To imbibe the most creative aspects of structural design in built forms, on par with international standards of safety, precision and beauty.


to help create structures that fulfill client aspirations and support the design team through simple design and extraordinary working drawings..


To create a new benchmark of innovative structural design that enables soaring structures and time-defying shape, scale and volume.


To continue the ideals of perfection, efficiency and discipline of time and experience through team work and honest adherence to our principles.

[ About The Founder ]

Mr. Vivek Apte

Strong & Robust Foundation: A Brief Story

Er. Vivek Apte is a 1974 alumnus of the Civil Engg. Department of the prestigious College of Engineering (COEP) Pune. He worked for 2 years onsite and then did his Masters in Structural Engineering from the hallowed VJTI Mumbai. Soon after, he joined Sterling Engineering Consultancy Services in this bustling metropolis and was here for five years. These years proved to be very crucial at a stage when India was discovering her place in a rapidly evolving global order.

Thanks to these professional teachings from such brilliant minds, the engineer in him became close friends with his creative side.

vivek apte

He learned to develop a deep affinity with buildings and to appreciate the thinking behind their design. It is here that he imbibed the meaning of working in a team and of valuing the importance of the human effort - shoulder to shoulder with technology

For the Love of Structures:

During this tenure, he was associated with the structural designs of many prestigious national and international projects like Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium for Asian Games 1982 at Indraprastha, New Delhi, the 22 storey Meridien Hotel at Connaught Place, New Delhi, Amanat- Al- Asima Township consisting of 2, 000 precast houses at Baghdad, Iraq, 28 storey Om Vikas Apartments at Valkeshwar, Mumbai, L & T Cement Plant Condominiums at Chandrapur, Hotel Taj Ganges at Banaras,etc.
Mr Apte worked in close coordination with architects like Sharat Das, New Delhi, Shashi Prabhu, Mumbai, Bharadwaj, New Delhi, Raja Aderi, Mumbai, The Architects Collaborative, Boston, Premnath, Mumbai, Charles Correa, Mumbai, Mody Colgan, Mumbai, and others. Mr Apte read a paper ' A Computer Program for the design of pre stressed concrete bridge girder system' in an all India seminar at Madurai in 1979

Vivek Apte Consulting Structural Engineers

Milestone :

After this extensive work in the metros, Er. Vivek Apte chose to set up independent practice in 1983 at his hometown of Ahmednagar. Once a small town, it is a rapidly growing city today. With four decades spent observing the rapid changes in the design and construction industry, Er. Apte has deep empathy for the role of construction in India’s growth story too. In his practice as consulting structural engineer for projects across India and abroad as well, he has handled a variety of assignments including residential, commercial, institutional, Industrial, Healthcare etc. across Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Rajasthan and other states and overseas. There are about 2500 plus structural designs to his credit to date.
Today, with 40 years of experience and thousands of structures designed, Er. Vivek Apte continues these interactions with his colleagues, professional acquaintances and is himself a mentor for young architects and engineers. He says, “I owe it to my Gurus to do the best I can in sharing of experience and knowledge.”
vivek apte

Giving back to the profession

Giving back to the professional fraternity has also been very high on his priority list. Er. Vivek Apte is a mentor for several architects and engineers in and outside Ahmednagar. He has also been called upon to participate in several webinars and conferences related to design and construction industry. Jury Member at prominent Design & Engineering Awards instituted by AESA Pune, AESA Ahmednagar, The WIDE Awards, and others.
Er. Vivek Apte has participated in hundreds of talks, presentations, panel discussions and sessions held to discuss topical developments in the field of engineering and architecture. His has been a vocal presence on the importance of good engineering principles and their application in innovative ways.

vivek apte
vivek apte

Mr. Aalok Apte

[ About the Director ]

Aalok Apte, Director, VACSE, is responsible for Business Development, generating new projects and for on-site co- ordination. Engaging with architects, exploring the possibility of forging new associations and embarking on exciting projects and challenges, is his forte.


Equipped with training in design and knowledge of the lifestyle segment, Aalok brings a fresh youthful side to the forty- year wisdom of the firm. Aalok believes in seizing new areas in design, engineering across the spectrum and in conveying the essence of VA Consulting Structural Engineers to professionals in diverse areas of the industry.


His areas of work include office administration, smooth architect relationships, client relations, and fruitful outcomes of discussions and meetings, co-ordination on Site, ensuring that the design is implemented on site according to the drawing.

alok Apte is also an advisor to WIDE Angle Forum®, having contributed his time and creative inputs for many initiatives in the interest of the fraternity

Our Studio

[ Giving every structure a unique character ]
Efficient yet Family

Our office works like an efficient machine; we believe in the ‘lean method’ of working where there is intense effort with fast and perfect output. Nevertheless, we are a family; the father figure, Er. Vivek Apte, often shares knowledge and learnings with the team.

Since the design of a structure is its lifeline, every single building is designed by him. Our team includes engineers who have been with us for decades and thus understand the level of perfection and finesse that is expected

vivek apte
Office Design Tools

Our studio is equipped with the best design and drafting tools. Our tight knit team of engineers works in close synergy with the Head and on- site and ensures complete synchronization.

Our tools:
  • AutoCAD
  • AutoDesk.
  • Office Admin tools.
  • Infrastructure for online discussions and seminars